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cam4.com not download

Hey, i can not download from cam4.com only with "always record RTMP instand download" but if i close the stream page the download stop. In the last version it works so i down need to have the stream in browser open.

there something i can do ?

What i have to enter in the plugin option to make it work ?

Here are more user how search for a option to work http://stream-recorder.com/forum/recording-rtmp-webcams-cam4-howto-record-xxx-t2704p23.html


2 people have this problem

Cam4 have recently changed the way they stream and it seems like sometimes you can download and sometimes you need to record.  

I can download right now for example but yesterday I couldn't and it had to be recorded.

Recording is copying the stream as it arrives into the browser so if you stop the browser then there is nothing to copy.  Downloading is making a separate connection to the sites servers and downloading independent of the browser.  Sites can block this from happening however - hence why we have recording capture methods (Internet, Audio and DVR)

Internet recording has functioned the same since it was introduced back in v4.

You can enter plugins on the Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced button > Plugins tab.  rtmpdump is what you would use for an rtmp stream like cam4, however like I said if you get a stream that is cutting off then rtmpdump isnt going to help you either.

Im looking into it to see what the stream is doing and if its something we can support. 


the same, the download stop if browser is close . . . 

@CRS - Thank you for the clarification - I'll look out for an RMC update but I might look into purchasing Jaksta too.


@Alex - no need to do that.  Just put in a Billing and Licensing support request with your RMC key - I'm sure we can swap it over.


it seems that cam4 change something again :(

Downloading works but if the cam goes Privat / Password Show the Download stops.

It is posible to fix it again?

@LtMn -  There might be an issue then with winpcap on your machine as your logs do not show RTMP data being sent to the server or you visiting a cam4 page with a cam on it.  Perhaps you could try uninstalling that and reinstalling.  Alternatively you could try the Jaksta Network Monitor.


Are you using Windows 10?

It definitively looks like some form of server side checking for multiple connections from the same IP.

The rtmp connection sequence is pretty normal, but the second connection always gets booted. Sometimes straight away sometimes a bit later.

Internet recording using the auto capture method is therefore the best way to capture cam4 at the moment.  

Multiple stream recording is supported if you have a cam4 gold account so that you can view multiple cams at the same time.

To enable it: 

Settings tab > Internet Downloads > Advanced button > Site Specific and add cam4 as the site url and flv as the file extension.

If you don't want other streams picked up whilst your recording - click the green thumb (Process new streams).

I downloaded the trial.  I install but i can not get winpcap to work, im on windows 10. i can get legacy to work. how do i fix i have uninstalled and reinstalled, but still cant get it to cap thru winpcap :(

if i can get working with winpcap i will buy this software as u only ones that can cap c4



If you are use IE or Chrome the Problem also exists?

@LibertyX, just tried IE & same problem exists I'm afraid.