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cam4.com not download

Hey, i can not download from cam4.com only with "always record RTMP instand download" but if i close the stream page the download stop. In the last version it works so i down need to have the stream in browser open.

there something i can do ?

What i have to enter in the plugin option to make it work ?

Here are more user how search for a option to work http://stream-recorder.com/forum/recording-rtmp-webcams-cam4-howto-record-xxx-t2704p23.html


2 people have this problem

@CRS the problem is that I did start monitoring before the cam had started playing. I took the actions you listed in exactly the order that you listed them. As I say, I also did go to a cam4 user page & stayed on that page between 20:05 & 20:10. For some reason it is simply not picking this up, but I can assure you that I have.


@LtMn -  There might be an issue then with winpcap on your machine as your logs do not show RTMP data being sent to the server or you visiting a cam4 page with a cam on it.  Perhaps you could try uninstalling that and reinstalling.  Alternatively you could try the Jaksta Network Monitor.

Hi. Just so you know I have managed to resolve the problem. I uninstalled winpcap and then re-installed from the install link embedded in JMR -  problem persisted. So I uninstalled again, downloaded winpcap directly from http://www.winpcap.org & reinstalled.It now works ! Don't know what the difference was, but that resolved it.



Are you using Windows 10?


No - Windows 8.1


mac os x solution, please :)

@brad - working on it ;)  Bootcamp will work whilst your waiting. Or vmware.

good to know. thank you :)

wait, does that mean i have to get a Win version of Jaksta, as well?


it seems that cam4 change something again :(

Downloading works but if the cam goes Privat / Password Show the Download stops.

It is posible to fix it again?

Please see separate thread on this issue.  Can you respond there as well please?