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cam4.com not download

Hey, i can not download from cam4.com only with "always record RTMP instand download" but if i close the stream page the download stop. In the last version it works so i down need to have the stream in browser open.

there something i can do ?

What i have to enter in the plugin option to make it work ?

Here are more user how search for a option to work http://stream-recorder.com/forum/recording-rtmp-webcams-cam4-howto-record-xxx-t2704p23.html


2 people have this problem

is it possible that we have a similar update for mac os x as well?

thanks! :)

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@libertyx -

Can you try this one out?  http://downloads.jaksta.com/release/jak6/JMR6/

Try not logged in, logged in and private if you can.

Upload logs if it doesn't download.  Thanks.

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@libertyX - that great to know thanks.  

@Alex - Applian (who sell RMC) is not the same company as Jaksta Technologies.  They white label our products and have done for several years.  

They used to do all our 1st/2nd level support but for various reasons we decided to take it back in house and offer forum based support and quicker turn a rounds of products when sites change - like cam4 did.  

So yes RMC will be updated but you might have to wait a week or so.

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i have now upgraded to the latest version and downloading fine only problem now is jaksta keeps crashing "not respoonding" any suggestions please


Yeah you didn't follow the instructions in my post did you ;) 

If you dont remove cam4 from the site specific settings then it will record instead of download.

And no log files ...


@LtMn - so there is RTMP data in your logs now - however the first packet shown is being received from the server.   First packets should be being sent from you to do the RTMP handshake.  This indicates that you have started monitoring after the cam has started playing.  I also still can not see you going to a cam4 user page that has a cam on it.

@mark - best to start another thread and include your debug logs and what you were trying to capture.  See the sticky post on getting your debug logs.

wait, does that mean i have to get a Win version of Jaksta, as well?

if you mean on "plugins" there is no cam4 settings 

Here the Logs what you want


Thanks for the logs.  Very helpful.

There is some extra stuff that is happening when you are logged in that Ill need to take into account.

Can you confirm for me that you can download though when you are not logged in to cam4 and viewing as a guest?


Not plugins. As per my post -

Settings > Internet Downloads > Advanced > Site Specific

Select cam4 if its there and click the minus sign to delete it.


I hope i have understood you correctly

I have tried to download as logged in Member and then as guest (not logged in) and on booth it's the same download wont work

the log is attached


there is no cam4.com to remove see image 


mac os x solution, please :)