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DVR stops after 30 seconds on Cam4

Using JMC on Cam4 I have noticed today (10-09-2015) that when in DVR mode the stream stops after 30-31 seconds - it is a tidy stop i.e tagged and completed - although the stream in reality is still continuing ? I have rebooted and restarted but same effect each time.

Using WIndows 7 x64 and Firefox/Chrome

Any clues why this has started to happen ?

Solved the problem - for some reason removing the registration key, restarting the program and entering in the registration key again has re-enabled the DVR recording +30 seconds - odd that at no time did the program indicate it had flipped back to a "trial" mode.


You might have stop on silence on?

Cam4 can be downloaded btw using this beta version.


New official release will be out later tonight and available from the downloads page.

Thanks - no silence tracking was not on - seems that Cam4 are inserting ads into the DVR stream (but do not appear via the browser)


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