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Media Recorder 6 - Thumbnails

Just upgraded to Media Recorder V6 from V5.

I found it extremely useful displaying my downloads as thumbnails. Has this feature been removed in V^ or can you advise how I view thumbnails?

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Thumbnails are displayed in the pane at the bottom of the list view when you select an item.

There is no "thumbnail" view however that is like v5.

v6 and v5 can co-exit on the same machine.

Jaksta6 - only ONE thumbnail will display when a download is highlighted.  Example, I have 4 downloads in progress but only one of them generates a thumbnail.  Thumbnails are ESSENTIAL and therefore I have reverted to Jaksta5, but unfortunately it frequently becomes unresponsive in Windows10.

It seems that not only have thumbnails been withdrawn, but support also.


How has support been withdrawn?  You posted 20 mins ago and are getting a response already .... and on a weekend.  

Please provide the site where no thumbnails are being generated.

Please provide debug logs as per https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063 

That will tell us exactly why thumbnails are not being generated for this site.

I said that support appeared to have been withdrawn because one had to post a public comment rather than email Support.

The sites DO generate thumbnails - please see snapshots of Jaksta5 and Jaksta6 downloading the same cams at the same time.

Why are so many updates to Jaksta6 being released when nothing improves the interface?  Every time I have to update Jaksta I have to close all my work, stop my downloads, reboot.

I am distraught - I monitor certain wildlilfe cams 24/7.  The GUI of Jaksta6 is a complete mess, I can't even separate the columns to make them more readable, but more importantly I cannot differentiate, at a glance, between several cams downloading from a single site.

Can't you see how much easier it is to see what's happening in Jaksta5?

I have tbought Applian-Replay software but that seems to be where the new Jaksta has come from.

I am so busy and so upset...



Oh my - sorry to hear your distraught and upset.  That's not good at all.  

In answer to your questions

1. We have provided support via forums for quite a while now.  Previously most of out support tickets were exactly the same questions and issues. Moving to a forum allows users to self help and get info quickly to their questions as other users have asked them.  Billing and licensing issues are still handled via tickets.

2. We develop the following software for Applian to resell under their brand - RMC, RM, RCV and RR.  See the "Get Support" tab of those products if you own them.  We also provide our software to other companies as well.  You can see some of them here - https://www.jaksta.com/about

3. We release updates as soon as we have fixes or changes.  We have always done this - since 2008.  You dont need to install every new release if you dont want and you can switch off notifications via Get Support > Check for new version on start.  Release notes on what has changed are provided on the download page.  Streaming methods and sites change all the time and without notice. Once we are aware of these changes we work very hard to try and support them as quickly as possible.  We have automated the download and install of the extraction engine so alot of updates happen automatically in the background and dont require you to download and install a new version.  Some changes do though.

4. Im not sure your assertion that the UI is a complete mess is very fair.  Its as simple as we can make it to achieve the primary goal of being able to capture pretty much anything. Adjusting column sizes is fairly simple. Just drag the separator between columns to the size you want. You can also have them auto resize using the Settings > Personalization > Auto resize columns switch.  This is the same as how the list view in v5, Windows Explorer and most other list views work so is pretty standard.

5. Our stats from v5 showed pretty much no one using the thumbnail view so we dropped it for 6 in favor of the enhanced list view where more information about a capture is displayed.  Artwork is still displayed in v6 in the panel at the bottom of the list view that is activated when you select a row.  Art work is generated at various times for a capture. For a standard video download where no artwork is provided via a guide or similar, then the artwork extraction is attempted after 100kb is captured or >= 5 seconds.  The frame 3 seconds into the resultant file is used. Artwork is then again attempted to be extracted once the capture is complete.  

Unfortunately you havn't followed the instructions for getting the debug logs so the logs provided dont show this part of the capture so I cant say why artwork extraction is failing for these streams.

So once your not so busy please provide the debug logs as per the instructions provided so we can see why the artwork is not being extracted automatically.  

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