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Way outside lines on Screen Rec...

I previously submitted this problem June 23 and still have yet to receive a solution despite multiple messages.

1) There is an issue with recording area in Jaksta Deluxe (version Screen is recording way outside red lines and isn't including the other part of the picture which red lines are surrounding. Recording is missing 1/3 or so of what should be rec'd.

pic attached of video playback - this includes the full screen of what was recorded (you can see how it's recording outside the lines and cutting off 1/3 of the picture that falls inside recording lines). This has been going on for a while but very minor until now --- been using it more and experiencing these new major issues with every test - performed about 8 tests.

I set the area to record using both default selection and a customized area. Then I hit record. Not adjusting area after already hitting record.

Been waiting almost 3 months on solution for this issue..please get back asap

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Sorry for your wait.

Support was previously done by another company. Their long response times was one of the reasons we have taken in back in house about a month ago.

I would need to see your debug logs to tell you what is happening.  

In v5

Help > About > Support Tab and check enable debug logs

Go and perform a section and then a screen recording

Help > About > Support Tab and check email logs to support and follow the instructions.  

Attached them here

That said through why dont you use the DVR recording method in Jaksta Media Recorder 6. You will find it way more convenient than the screen recorder in v5 for capturing videos that cant be downloaded.  v6 is a free upgrade and v5 is pretty long in the tooth these days.

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