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Recording from CreativeLive

Hi. You guys have a page about recording from CreativeLive - http://www.jaksta.com/how-to-record-download-capture/creativelive - but I haven't been able to do so for quite a while now. Mine stopped working over a year ago. Is there a fix for it now since you have this page that advertises that it will work?

Also, my version is 1.3.3 and when I check for updates it says that 1.3.3 is the newest version available.

Hi Debbie,

You need to download version 1.4.4 directly, you can get it from here:


Unfortunately creativelive still does not work with this version, at least on the Mac side. Sorry about that. We will add support for it in a future version if we can. Sites frequently change the way they stream video which can cause Jaksta to no longer work, so we have to keep updating Jaksta to handle this.



Jaksta Support

Thanks for the reply. CreativeLive was the whole reason I purchased it (so I could watch some first and buy only the classes I really want), but it stopped working almost immediately. I keep hoping for an update.

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