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No video captured on CB

1. CB and MFC wont record using ( AUTO )

2. When I use Digital Recorder - I have no video on CB ( sound Ok )

   Can you explain settings required to capture CB ...? ( without using digital recorder )

Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro ( x64 ) yesterday.

I had Win7 x64 and version and "Monitor" would capture




.. automatically and instantly.

( the monitor would actually sense a stream and wait for it to start )

And multiple streams could be actively waiting for streaming to start.

But now after upgrading windows 10 Pro ...

No 'sensing' of video on webpage ...

LJ captures instantly but only One stream at a time.

( any active streams have to complete first )

MFC only captures only in digital recorder now ( after waiting about 2 to 4 minutes to connect )

( same with CB - but no video captured )

Is Win10 responsible for these drastic changes ...
... or is the problem with Jaksta version 6?

I'm wondering if I should re-install W7 - I have so many programs not working properly now.

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Oh, I forgot to say ..

When drg-n-drop Vimeo -- the automatic converter ( to avi ) is producing the 'crakle' in the audio within the AVI.
Maybe it does not like the codec Vimeo uses in the mp4 it downloaded?


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