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Jaksta Will Not Turn On

I have used Jaksta for years and am I licensed owner. Running 10.10.5 Mac OS X. I have the current version: 1.4.4 (184) and it won't turn on. It loads but reports this error every time it tries to turn on, "Proxy Could Not Find an Available TCP Port". It's always worked in the past with previous versions. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Hi Doren,

First can you try reinstalling it again:


If this does not help, can you send us your log file? There are instructions on how to do this here:




Jaksta Support

I'm sorry for the confusion. I had marked my issue solved. I found the answer by searching for "TCP" instead of what I had been searching for. I also had moved the application and placed it inside a folder within Applications and that was the issue. Once I put it back into the Root it opened up & started just fine. 100% human error. Thanks!

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