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HD PRO will not change channel

I'm using build in tuner in the HD PRO and it will not change the channel on the HD PRO (After

Can I download the old version (prior to v. Thanks

Your using a very old version. is the latest.  Upgrade to that, don't downgrade.   http://jaksta.com/download/windows/jaksta-recorder-for-slingbox

Channel changing issues are normally caused by incorrect key maps.

This article may help you find the ones you need for your setup.



Thanks for the answer, I'm using the now and it does NOT work, I'm not remote control any external device, I'm using BUILD IN TURNER, I always hope you will fix this issue through the newer version, (It was working prior but over an years of wait, I got same answer of Key map issue. Please, I pay for this program when it was working, but now I can only record same channel. (I need to use Sling player to change the channel first.) Please help, I understand not many people are using build in Turner since now is digital broadcasting, so if you don't want to spend effort to fix this, at least get me what I paid for, the old version program that works.

Still uses key maps.

Here is


The Default Map in (v5.0.1.59) is correct ONE=009, TWO=010....ZERO=18

Since it's Build in Turner, what other code can be use?


   Did you get a resolution to your issue as I have the same issue and even worst as my channels are labeled like 5.2 , 1008.5 etc...

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