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El Capitan

Updated to El Capitan and now I'm getting Configuration Errors:

"Could not Load Certificate Authority"

"Proxy could not  find an available TCP port"

Also an Installation error:

Configuration Daemon not running

I know it El Capitan is just out, so I assume a fix is on the way.

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I have the exact same problem. I have just purchased Jaksta bundle for mac yesterday 30.9.2015

Today I have updated my OSX to El Capitan and now it's not working and I'm getting the same messages.

"Configuration Daemon not running"

"Proxy could not find an available TCP port"

I haven't noticed the third message, so I'm not posting it.

Here are screenshots of the error messages. Fix it please.

Also I cannot turn on Monitoring. When I try that, the rainbow waiting wheel starts spinning and the application is not responsive. After I wait for about 5 minutes, I see the error message: "Configuration Daemon Not Running" Like the picture above. Also Jakarta's little icon on top on the task bar is not there.

Hi Jaksta Tech Support

Same problem - same error messages 

"Configuration Daemon not running"

"Proxy could not find an available TCP port"

Hoping for a quick and reliable fix in usual Jaksta fashion :)

Same problems as above. I'm sure Jaksta will come up with a solution in good time. Just have to wait it out. Brilliant programme.



Hi Support,

Do I have to wait for long? Because if the wait is long, I will downgrade the OSX to Yosemite. 

Dear Jaksta support, your App is the best stream recorder on the Mac. I have the same troubles of the other people in this topic. Please support El Capitan also, I'm sure you also had this OS X beta months ago. Still I rely on an update soon. Thank you!

Same thing here, Please hurry up with a fix!

Enclosing a log for you to have look in. The log entries are telling the truth, var/run/

(42.1 KB)

/var/run/JakstaConfigDaemon and all related files do not exist anymore!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay. We have a new version here with a fix for El Capitan:




Jaksta Support

Thanks Ben - seems to be working once again !

Awesome Ben, thanks.

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