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Closing video files

I just bought the media recorder/catcher 6 after the version 5 didn load in windows 10 which I just upgraded

I try to to record from a cam site, and everything is going fine,while I am recording a video I can open it in vlc and plays fine

when the recording is finished and  muxing and tagging is finished then all the video players recognise only the audio part in the finished video. If i copy the video part that is downloaded so far before the stream finish and the muxing start that video file is ok

So there seems to be a problem in the muxing. 

Any ideas and can I stop the app from going to the muxing part?

also to add this is happening without conversion just as an flv if I set to be converted also the end file is only with audio

Please post the site and the debug log files. http://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

I found a fix for my problem, if I deactivate "Automatically fix RTMP live streams....." the end video works, sometimes it is no searchable but that is fixed easily



Automatically fix RTMP live streams re-bases the time stamps to 0 and adds appropriate metadata for the duration. 

This can also be achieved via the Fix FLV tool via the main menu which lets you choose a time stamp interval.

Your logs dont show the mux or indicate the site so its not possible to say what the issue is but more than likely caused by the server sending audio and video timestamps that are not on the same interval.

Let us know what the site is.

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