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El Capitan

 Just purchased for $50US, and found the product not compatible with El Capitan. Same issue goes back four days for many users, and no reply from the company. This is a very poor way to be introduced to your company. Might you please reply to this issue?

Scott Zagarino

Hi Scott,

Sorry about that - we have a fixed version available here:




Jaksta Support

I just bought the Media Recorder and am using El Capitan. 

I can't upgrade to Sierra right now. 

Is there a fix? Upon opening, it crashes with a "Hang" error..............


Date/Time:       2017-08-26 12:07:35 -0600

OS Version:      Mac OS X 10.11.6 (Build 15G1611)

Architecture:    x86_64

Report Version:  22

Command:         Jaksta Media Recorder

Path:            /Applications/Jaksta Media Recorder.app/Contents/MacOS/Jaksta Media Recorder

Version:         2.0.2 (231)

Parent:          launchd [1]

PID:             3175

Event:           hang

Duration:        1.90s (process was unresponsive for 21 seconds before sampling)

Steps:           19 (100ms sampling interval)

Hardware model:  Macmini5,2

Active cpus:     4

Fan speed:       5495 rpm


HI Phillip,

Have you tried doing a full reinstall at any point?

What you will need to do is delete the app (uninstall) from Applications instead of just reinstalling over it. Then in Finder go to the top menu and then access Go > (holding one of shift/alt/control/command) Library > Application Support > Jaksta Media Recorder and delete that folder (NOTE: doing this will erase your library file list in Jaksta, but your downloaded/converted files will remain intact). This folder and its files may already be deleted when the app is removed, but it's a good idea to double check and be thorough in case it remains and is reused when the app is reinstalled. Reboot the Mac and then do a reinstall of the latest version (https://www.jaksta.com/download/mac/jaksta-media-recorder) and it will regenerate a new copy of the deleted folder and the application files. 

If it still crashes then you should be able to get a Crash log when it reopens. It usually displays a notification when it starts again that gives you three options - Reopen, Ignore and Report (or something similar). If you click on Report you should eventually be led to a Crash log, which you can then send it through to us.


Start with that and see how you go.




Jaksta Support

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