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Upgrade JMR-1.4.6 Mac

1.4.6 update does not. I have downloaded the file but JMR-1.4.6.pkg my software remains in 1.4.5!

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Same here! After downloading and installing, it still asks that I upgrade to 1.4.6 !!

Same for me 

Mac os 10.11.1 Beta



Sorry everyone - this will be fixed shortly.

In the meantime here is a link to 1.4.6:




Jaksta Support

the link indicates a well Version 1.4.6 and running.


OS Mac 10.9.5

Today (10/28), I updated my MacBook Pro to OS X 10.11.1.  Immediately, Jaksta 1.4.6 no longer works (as soon as a video is started, Jaksta (unexpectedly) closes.  The program no longer works for me on this machine.  Any ideas?


The next time you see Jaksta 1.4.6 crash, can you send the log file to us? You can find it by starting Jaksta up again, then going to the Preferences and clicking Find Log File.

Also it would help if you are able to send the crash report that it displays immediately after the crash. It might be easier to copy and paste this into an email, as pasting it into the forum will make it hard to read!



Jaksta Support

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