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Daily Show Trevor Noah gives errors

It tires to record and returns a file with zero bytes.

If its comedy central then its copy protected and cant be downloaded. As the status says and you should use the Digital Video Recorder capture method.


Hi CRS, it did not work when changed to "Digital Video Recorder" it recorded a blank white wmv a few minutes long.

CC DVR's wonderfully. Upload your logs as per http://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

Here is the attached log.



Log shows you ran the schedule twice at the same time.  Once at 12:50:52,750 and then again at 12:51:16,886 whilst the other was still running, so the second one was queued.

Silence detection is on and no sound was detected from the player for 30 secs so the DVR was stopped.  So the video did not start playing in that time.  If your on a slow connection and the video takes longer than 30 seconds to start then you can change that timeout in the DVR settings.

To test you can DVR before you try and schedule, open the DVR browser (the globe icon) and navigate to that page and start the video playing and then start the DVR by clicking the red REC button.  There may be a dialog that needs to be dismissed before the video will play that is stopping the schedule.  If your not in the US or using an appropriate VPN/proxy then the video will not play either and does display a white screen with sorry about that written on it.  


I don't see a globe icon in my ver 6.  I pasted the Trevor url into the bar at top/home page and it recorded OK.

I scheduled 


and it recorded OK.  I scheduled Trevor with same settings and digital video recording and only ran once; again got the short blank white wmv file.  Latest log attached in case you need to see.


I suggest you step through the tutorial that can be selected from the main menu that will show you in the UI where things are and run you through the capture methods.  

Alternatively have a read of the user manual and make yourself familiar with the capture method button and the dvr section - http://support.jaksta.com/solution/articles/6000039105


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