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Jaksta Music Miner not working with Spotify

I bought Jaksta Music Miner and now it will not record from Spotify, when it use to work perfectly.  I have tried updating Music Miner, deleting cookies and clearing my cache but it still does not recognise any music from the Spotify Web Player. Please help...!  

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Hi Laura,

Can I clarify that you are definitely using the website, not the Spotify app?

Can you try recording from it again, and then send the log file to us? You can find it by going to the Preferences and clicking Find Log File.

Jaksta Support


Definitely using the Spotify Web player. I click PLAY on a title in the app. It downloads a file named  Spotify Web Player - <filename>.mp3 with no track information from a site called cloudfront.net to Music Miner.

Exact same thing happens to me...

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Were are the songs?

Seems like its taking a long time to fix!

Hi Ray/Laura,

Sorry I can't really give an ETA at the moment, but we certainly are working on it!

We are working on a separate audio recording capability that will work differently from the normal capturing and should be able to record a number of sites that are not currently working, including Spotify.



Jaksta Support

Any news? I have the exact same problem and I'm waiting for you Jaksta Team  ;)

Don't forget us, please!!

Hi everyone,

No we certainly have not forgotten this, in fact it is close to being released. Hopefully within the next week or two. Hang in there!

It is a separate recording mode that you can switch to, which will record all audio data going to the speakers (instead of intercepting internet data on its way to the browser).



Jaksta Support

So is that just doing it in real time?  If so, that doesn't do anything we can't already do in Audio Hijack or Piezo... it's obviously MUCH slower than the old method.

Hi Stuart,

Yes that's correct, you will have to leave it recording in real time to capture the full recording. I agree it's not as convenient as the streaming mode, but it will be the fall-back position for any streams we are legally unable to record due to encryption.

You can leave it recording and it will detect when audio starts and stops, discard silence and split the recordings into separate files, discard very short recordings etc.



Jaksta Support

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