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Jaksta for Mac not recording iPlayer

I'm trying to record a radio programme from BBC iPlayer, and Jaksta isn't working. I've recently got a new Mac and have upgraded Jaksta to Version 1.4.6 (188); it hasn't worked at all on the new Mac.

I can't see any settings I can tweak in Jaksta: what's the best of way of going about fixing this?

Sorry, I posted that too quickly: when I say Jaksta "isn't working", it isn't even seeing the stream from iPlayer. It is seeing some other streams.

Hi James,

Sorry about this - this is a known issue on the Mac side. We will be releasing an update to fix BBC iPlayer stream capture if we can.



Jaksta Support

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Hi Ben

I'm having the same issues but it's also a PC thing because I've tried and failed there too. Please hurry - I want to record the cricket and the BBC only hold the coverage for a week!

Hi Ben -- thanks -- I only really use Jaksta for iPlayer, so would appreciate the update.

Paul -- while this isn't fixed, you could try https://squarepenguin.co.uk/guides/mac-os-x-quick-install-guide/ -- I've just used it from the command line and it works really well. The easiest way to install it is via Homebrew.

Thanks James - nice idea but the software only seems to pick up TV. Am I doing something wrong?

You're probably doing exactly what I did, and running the command without any flags (in which case it defaults to only searching for TV). You need the "--type=radio" flag. So:

$ get_iplayer



894: Politics Scotland - 28/10/2015, BBC Two Scotland, , default

895: Politics Scotland - 29/10/2015, BBC Two Scotland, , default

937: Reporting Scotland - 01/11/2015, BBC One Scotland, , default

938: Reporting Scotland - 01/11/2015, BBC One Scotland, , default

989: Scotland 2015 - 26/10/2015, BBC Two Scotland, , default

990: Scotland 2015 - 27/10/2015, BBC Two Scotland, , default

991: Scotland 2015 - 28/10/2015, BBC Two Scotland, , default

992: Scotland 2015 - 29/10/2015, BBC Two Scotland, , default

1096: Sunday Politics Scotland - 01/11/2015, BBC One Scotland, , default


$ get_iplayer --type=radio "Scotland"



10786: Business Scotland - Faith, BBC Radio Scotland, 

11299: Good Morning Scotland - 27/10/2015, BBC Radio Scotland, 

11300: Good Morning Scotland - 28/10/2015, BBC Radio Scotland, 

11301: Good Morning Scotland - 29/10/2015, BBC Radio Scotland, 

11302: Good Morning Scotland - 30/10/2015, BBC Radio Scotland, 

11303: Good Morning Scotland - 31/10/2015, BBC Radio Scotland, 

11304: Good Morning Scotland - 01/11/2015, BBC Radio Scotland, 

11305: Good Morning Scotland - 02/11/2015, BBC Radio Scotland,

From https://squarepenguin.co.uk/wiki/manpage/#search-options:

–type <type> : Only search in these types of programmes: liveradio,livetv,radio,tv,all (tv is default)

Arrgghh! I'm a complete dunce when it comes to Terminal on the Mac. It's not working but it's me, I'm sure of that. It's a silly syntax issue, I expect. Is it possible to initiate a switch on the non-terminal version?

I've had a quick look at the GUI version, and there seems to be a setting in Preferences that allows you to cache Radio and Podcast stuff (by default its unchecked). I couldn't quite get it to work but I didn't fully install the app. I guess this is where you might have to tweak something?

Otherwise there seems to be a support contact point at: http://tom-tech.com/iplayer_automator/iPlayer_Automator/Support.html

Just to add to the list - I am having the same problem. Jaksta has been able to record from the BBC iPlayer radio site until a week or two ago. Since then, as stated above, Jaksta does not even seem to see that there is a stream to capture. At your recommendation I have recently purchased the Applian Replay Media Capture suite but this has never managed to record from BBC iPlayer radio even when Jaksta was working fine. I have raised a ticket with them but so far have not had a fix.

Have the BBC changed the format or protection on their iPlayer?

I have attached the Jaksta log file. I had to chop a large chunk out of the middle of it because it was >15Mb in size, beyond the limit set by your upload program. 

Do you know what the problem is? Is there any hope of a fix some time soon?

Many thanks


(4.93 MB)

Hi Julian,

I can't really give an ETA at the moment on when this will be fixed. Hopefully within the next few weeks, but I can't promise anything. We will make sure it gets fixed though.

Yes BBC iPlayer do seem to have changed some format details recently. Thank you for the log file.



Jaksta Support

Hi Ben, thanks for 1.4.6 info – not a lot of help, pity.

But for your information ... 

Jaksta v BBC downloads

I am Using …

Jaksta v 1.3.3 (139) on iMac OS X Yosemite v 10.10.5

Jaksta v 1.2.5 (77) on MacBook Pro Mac OS X v 10.6.8


  v 1.3.3 disables Apple’s ‘Dictation’ program

  v 1.4.6 disables internet access – Totally

I have not been using BBC’s iPlayer as such – just the ‘Radio on demand’ replay facility which Jaksta could pick up on until about 22 October 2015.

The last programme Jaksta downloaded was – “The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango” Episode 9 of 9 – available to download until 15 November 2015 from, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06gwg03

BBC have started using a separate “Download MP3” tag alongside the ‘Favourites’ icons, which effectively does Jaksta out of a job. Although this only occurs on scientific programs at the moment, for example, http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06kgvcb

Most of my approx., 80GB of recordings (courtesy of Jaksta) are of plays, readings and music, so I will miss-out on those from now on – until I find an alternative.


Wish you well.    Bill T E

Hope you do not mind me jumping in with a suggestion for GIA, if you live in the UK then switch the proxy to off, if you live outside the UK as I do leave the proxy on and go into the BBC tv settings and set them to very high and high, that seem's to work for me.

There is another app for mac, Downie, that works with iplayer, I use it on the sites that jaksta cannot capture and vice versa.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Carl - thanks for this but can you explain where these proxy and TV settings are please?

Hi Carl - and a BIG thank you for the Downie recommendation. Tried it myself and it's just the job. Phew! Thanks again. First time I've ever heard of this particular app too.

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