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Using Slingbox PRO HD

When I start recorder it does not light the lights on the front of the slingbox and just errors (ASF error). I tried to attach the log but can't.

Ant help or an actual phone number would be greatly appreciated.


Here is the log


You need to switch debug on before you try and connect.  

Follow these instructions:



Here you go

Your logs show there is no slingbox accessible at  This IP address is what is being returned from Sling for the id you entered.

Have you opened your firewall to allow the connection through?

Is your SlingBox is on the same network as JSR?  If so then using the local IP address of the SlingBox will be easier than using the Id.  Try that.


Getting closer. please see log

sorry, was logged into slingbox. recorder made connection and recorded but the recording is dark and has squares in it and plays at ff speed


Use the default recording settings - untick Enable on the Slingbox's Settings > Recording Settings tab

Else you will need to play around with them until you find something that works.


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