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no automatic download

 Hi, I'm Detlef from Germany, so excuse my english please.

I'm using the latest version of JMR. My system: Windows 7).

Recording by entering the url is working but automatic download seems to be out of order.

Maybe you canhelp me. A log-file is attached.




Several issues show in your logs:  

1. Your using is the latest (released yesterday).

2. You dont have Windows Media Player installed (or it is corrupt).  This is required for WMV video and audio creation.  Will be an issue if you try to DVR.

3. You installed both WinpCap and the Jaksta Network Monitor.  The Jaksta Network Monitor requires a reboot according to your logs.  Winpcap was running fine.

Reboot to use the JNM or just switch to use Winpcap in the settings.  You will need to let us know what your trying to capture if your still having issues and provide debug logs of you trying to capture it.


Thanks for help.
I've tried to fix WMP, but wasn't successful. I've installed JMR on my second computer and everything works fine except automatic download of Youtube-videos. But it's ok like this.


After changing proxy-setting in Firefox no problems.


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