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Jaksta: Was fine.. now can't record anything anymore..


I downloaded a demo of this to see how well it works for me. It seemed to work initially (albeit within the demo limitations). However now it doesn't seem to 'see' any programmes I monitor at all.  Help!

I've attached a log file (think I did the correct debug procedure, let me know if you need another one). Hope it helps. I'd really like this software to work!

P.S. I've tried all the various versions (Converter, Miner etc.), but no success with any of them unfortunately.


Hi Alex,

Thanks for the log. 

I can see attempts to download BBC programs - unfortunately Jaksta for Mac is not working with BBC iPlayer at the moment and we are currently working on fixing this. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Can you say exactly what other sites you are monitoring and if possible send us a link to videos that don't work? Does YouTube work for instance?



Jaksta Support

Hi Ben,

Thanks for your response.

Ah right, wasn't aware there was a general problem with iPlayer.

I haven't been trying to download television programmes from iPlayer, just occasionally an iPlayer radio programme. 

iPlayer radio is pretty much the only site I am monitoring at the moment. I just tried monitoring a Youtube video and Jaksta picked that up okay, but I can only seem to watch the video back in various web browsers with no audio. Maybe I'm doing something wrong in this area. How do people normally playback video files converted by Jaksta?

As I said before though, for iPlayer radio, Jaksta was working absolutely fine.

Here are some links to the kind of radio programmes that aren't picked up anymore:




I'm trying to monitor from Chrome, but I've tried monitoring iPlayer radio in various other browsers with no difference/ success. I imagine the problem is more a change in the way BBC do things.

Good luck with your fixing! 



Have you made any progress with the BBC audio  streaming?  I, like a number of other users, have encountered this problem recently although for me it seemed to happen only in late October. Thank you

Hi Peter,

Sorry we are still working on this. When we have a beta or something for people to try out, I'll post it in this and a few other threads. Sorry for the wait!



Jaksta Support

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