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How to stop Jaksta downloading torrents

Can anyone please tell me how to disable the automatic downloading of torrents by Jaksta?

Thanks for your help.

You using JMR6?  My understanding is that torrents (incl magnet links) can only be downloaded using the url download method and are not detected in auto detection mode.  Perhaps they are being picked up by a content-type match.  Provide your debug log files and I can tell which one it is if that is the case and you can remove from the settings if you dont need it.  You can also obviously switch auto detection off and nothing will be detected.


I am using JMR6-  Auto detection is off and has generally been off.

Thanks for the prompt help.


Auto detection is off and JMR is picking up and downloading torrents by itself?  Is that what you mean?

Or do you mean JMR is opening when you click a magnet link in your browser?

Your logs dont show any torrent download being detected or downloaded.

If its "Or do you mean JMR is opening when you click a magnet link in your browser?"

Uninstall and then reinstall switching the "Register as Torrent client" setting to off.


JMR is opening when I click on a magnetic link and then downloading it.  I will uninstall it later and do as you say and then let you know.

Thanks again.

That fixed it.  I wasn't aware of the " Register as Torren Client" setting before.

Thanks again.

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