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bongacams help


Awesome program guys, with trial i tried to cap bongacams cams, but i only managed to get it working if the camera page stays open, and it will cap until i close it. Also the file is kinda bugged and i have to fix the flv to get an ok file. On cam4 it keeps on capping even if i close it, Is there any way or setting to keep on capping even if i close the window? Would be great. If you could look into it that would be awesome! Thanks

Sorry for the delay.

Bongcams keeps downloading here if I close the window.  

If it is recording (instead of downloading) then closing the window will kill the connection.  The status col will say Recording if this is the case.

Things that will make it record instead of download include:  

1. the rtmp stream is copy protected (secure)

2. you have always record on in the advanced RTMP settings

3. you have the domain in the advanced site specific settings to be recorded instead of downloaded.

Its also possible that if your viewing multiple cams (ie downloading more than one/and or watching more than one) that the Bongcams servers are cutting the connection to one or more connections.

Please provide debug logs if you want me to explain your exact experience in more detail.  See the sticky post in this forum on how to generate debug logs.

As for the timestamps:  The Bongcams server starts with a timestamp of 0 and then quickly jumps these to the length of time the cam has been playing, not the time you have been viewing - you will see the duration column jump.   You can also see this in the progress log for the download.  

You will need to use the fix flv tool to rebase the time stamps, as you have been doing, if your playback video player cant cope with that jump. 


NetConnection.Connect.Rejected is coming from their server and is more than likely due to the fact you have two connections open - one from your browser and one from JMR and as you correctly point out could depend which of their servers the stream is coming from.

This is why we support the RTMP recording features - to allow such streams to be recorded.


thanks for the answer

RTMP Downloader

Naming rule applied: Referer

Stream Downloading In Progress: Size: 0 bytes/0 bytes (0%), Time: 00:00:00/Live, FLV

Fixing File Queued: Size: 13 bytes/13 bytes (100%), Time: 00:00:00/Live, FLV

Muxing In Progress: Size: 13 bytes/13 bytes (100%), Time: 00:00:00/Live, FLV

Muxing Failed: Size: 13 bytes/13 bytes (100%), Time: 00:00:00/Live, FLV

Not a valid FLV file

Not a valid FLV file, i get this error now now the rejected one, strange.

The video encoder has nothing to do with it.  Your 2nd RTMP connection is being rejected by their servers as I have indicated.  

If their servers do not allow two connections at once then you need to use RTMP recording.

The "Not a valid FLV file" just means that no data was received and written to the FLV file and therefore muxing did not occur.

Alright, thanks for the answer! i guess i have to accept and give up on it, but thanks for listening& trying to help!

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