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Jaksta Not Responding. Just Spinning Beach Balls.

 Jaksta 1.4.0 was not working. Of course you are always told to upgrade to latest version. I now have 1.4.6 and it is still not working. I launch and if I "touch" the ON switch it just goes into spinning beach ball mode and "Jaksta (not responding)" in the Force Quit window. It eventually stops with nothing changed. Same thing happens when I use the toggle option from the menu system. The renders the product useless to me. Suggestions?

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 Per your instruction.

(1.07 MB)


It looks like you are running Jaksta from a sub folder "- VIDEO" inside your Applications folder. Are you able to move it to the base level of your Applications folder and run it form there?

Let us know how you go.



Jaksta Support

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