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WinpCap NDIS6 Windows 10 Driver

  • Open Sourced Winpcap Windows10 x64 NDIS6 Driver allows selection of network adaptor and also wireless adaptor.
  • https://svn.nmap.org/nmap-exp/yang/NPcap-LWF/legacy_files/winpcap-nmap-4.1.3-NDIS6-1.2.1.exe

Tested Working  on Windows 10 Pro Update TH2 x64/


this should also be included in your installers but only on condition is windows 10. or ndis6 compatible network card / operating system.

with note

driver certificate is outdated, Win 7,8,8.1 x64 OS would
fail installing winpcap-nmap-4.1.3-NDIS6-1.2.1.exe as  there isnt a certificate signed x64 driver. You need to disbale "Driver Signature
Enforcement" on your Windows x64 before installing. (How to disable

"Using Microsoft Light-Weight Filter (NDIS 6) technology for the most popular WinPcap toolkit will be better than the original WinPcap packet (NDIS 5) for better capture performance, and better stability."

all credits goto Yang Luo

use with caution, not fully stable, can cause BSOD , when doing multiple stream recording in testing from different sources. 

advise, when downloading turn off listener, after source captured and showing downloading, and on live browser capture/recording only do 2/3 maximum and avoid downloading MP3's MKV's FLV's from static html links whilst listener active as causes memory leaks and BSOD.

Hi Andrew.  The distributed winpcap is the official from the winpcap.org site.  Many users have tried using http://www.win10pcap.org/ with some success, others have reported it BSOD's as you have experienced, plus the cert issues you mention.  When winpcap.org releases a new version (if they do) we will distribute that.  If your after an NDIS6 monitor, simply use the Jaksta Network Monitor.  Its signed properly and has been distributed since v4 days.


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