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Can't find adequate documentation on settings for scheduling recordings

 On consulting the documentation on scheduling recordings I find key info is missing, and only general info is given.

1,  On RSS Feed can you enter a normal Youtube url? e.g. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgqU9248sME8Iymgunqn3zA/videos or do I use the Youtube channel ID option with "UCgqU9248sME8Iymgunqn3zA" in the above example for channel ID?  

2.  There is no way to tell the program how many files to download?  Or does it only download new items posted on a Youtube channel?

3.  Does "Duration" pertain to what how long a video is or to how long to continue recording a schedule recording?  What exactly does "Duration" pertain to?  What happens if "Duration" is not selected.  

4.  Do scheduled recording continue to record on an open ended basis.  I assume so since there is a start date but not stop date?

 Related question:  when you have scheduled recordings, can/should you close the main Jaksta interface and does the downloader continue to run in the background; or should you just minimize it?

Hi James,

Sorry for the delay in reply over the holidays.

Are you using the Mac or the Windows version? You have posted in the Mac forums but unfortunately the Mac version does not currently have scheduled recordings.



Jaksta Support

I'm using the Windows version.  Posted here by mistake.


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