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Details needed about scheduled recordings on Windows

 On consulting the documentation on scheduling recordings I find key info is missing, and only general info is given.

1, On RSS Feed can you enter a normal Youtube url? e.g. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgqU9248sME8Iymgunqn3zA/videos or do I use the Youtube channel ID option with "UCgqU9248sME8Iymgunqn3zA" in the above example for channel ID?

2. There is no way to tell the program how many files to download? Or does it only download new items posted on a Youtube channel?

3. Does "Duration" pertain to what how long a video is or to how long to continue recording a schedule recording? What exactly does "Duration" pertain to? What happens if "Duration" is not selected.

4. Do scheduled recording continue to record on an open ended basis. I assume so since there is a start date but not stop date?

5. when you have scheduled recordings, can/should you close the main Jaksta interface and does the downloader continue to run in the background; or should you just minimize it?

The scheduling of YouTube channels from the scheduler by channel ID is no longer supported as YouTube have changed their data api.  You should get a error message to this affect if you try and schedule using the YouTube channel id.

You can however use RSS feeds: See https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/6224202?hl=en.  Once you have the subscription_manager.xml file open it in a browser and copy the url for the channel you want.

For West Wing Week this is probably something like https://www.youtube.com/feeds/videos.xml?channel_id=UCgqU9248sME8Iymgunqn3zA.  However that channel has not been posted to for over 2 years so there is nothing in its feed.  Only channels that are positing videos have things in their feed.

Duration is used for live recordings (which is normally what the scheduler is used for).  Leave it blank if its not a live recording. Enter the number of minutes you want to record for if it is.

Yes the scheduler will continue to run at the interval you set it at until it is deleted.

Scheduled recordings are started via the windows task scheduler.  JMR will be started to do a recording.  You need to leave the application running when its recording, it can be minimized or the small interface can be used (see the personalization settings).  The scheduler has an At Complete dropdown where you can have JMR shutdown when the recording if finished.  


So you schedule a recording, then you can close Jaksta.  Then Windows task scheduler will open it, and I just have to leave it open while it is downloading?

Thats correct.  

If you havnt already - Download, install and have a play. All demos are free to download and trial but are restricted in the length of video/audio they will record - except for youtube which is always free to download 100%.  


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