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Can't get video from a site


I can't grab video from this link.


As the video starts I get

Size 0 bytes

Complete (errors)


Looks like it needs a login to access this site so I cant test.

Provide your debug logs when you try and download it following these instructions: http://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

More than likely though its copy protected and you will need to use the DVR capture method instead of internet download method.  Run the tutorial available under the main menu in Jaksta Media Recorder if your unfamiliar with the DVR capture method and it will walk you through how to use it.



This site doesn't need any login. It might be blocked for some countries

Anyway, here is the log. I hope it helps


Your log shows the detection of the m3u8 playlist and the display of the 2 streams it contains to the user interface for you to select the one you want to download.  It doesn't show you selecting one though?

When I try and view the link you have provided I get this so cant test it here.  


Yes. I get the option to choose the stream, since there is a low and high quality. But as I choose it, I get 0 Bytes complete error message

I have also tried to select HIGH QUALITY in Jaksta setting, so now I don't get this box anymore, but I don't get the stream too.

The message you have attached is some money they want for watching since you don't have local IP

You can easily and freely bypass this, by installing a free extension to your Chrome Browser

This will let you watch this video with a local IP. You can turn it OFF any time if like


Can you please provide a debug log file as follows:

1. Start auto detect mode and go to http://www.mako.co.il/mako-vod#/mako-vod-keshet/uvda-2016/VOD-7172192aa3c1251006.htm?sCh=b5f4c13070733210&pId=1315039208

2. Wait for the multiple streams detected window to appear

3. Switch off auto detect

4. Go to Get Support tab and enable debug mode

5. On the multiple streams detected window double click each stream detected in turn.

6. Go to Get Support tab and click the paper plane to generate the logs and attach them here.



As I get the Multiple stream window I can't switch off the auto detect or enable the debug mode, 

Jaksta is waiting for me to choose the stream and disables all other options until I select anything


The multiple stream selection form window is not modal. You can click the main JMR form and select Get Support to switch on Debug Mode and then bring that window to the front again.


The site is under maintenance, so I hope I'll be able to test it soon 

Once The multiple stream selection window is opened, I can't do anything inside Jakarta until I select a stream

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