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Persistant download?


I used to use Replay Media catcher, but have been having issues with their software, so looking at your Media Catcher...

I'm looking to keep a 'persistent' connection from a streaming site - for example, http://jasmin.com/en/member/girl (No need to sign up). When you look at the thumbnails, you can 'hover' over them, and your catcher will capture the stream - until you unhover. I've seen a few other media catchers persist and keep capturiing the stream. Is there a way to make Jaksta Media recoreder do that? Thanks.

We make RMC for Applian.  There is no difference between JMR and RMC, except JMR is normally a few versions in front. 

If you are a licensed owner for RMC you can get a JMR license for free, goto licensing support here,  http://jaksta.com/support and nicely ask for one providing your RMC license key and registration details so we can look it up.

It looks like you have to click on the model and view the cam to get a stream that will continue to download.  The streams on the thumbnail page are closed by the server when you change streams.



Thanks for the reply. Actually, sorry, I had a few programs that I had used for this.. It was actually HiDownload that was persistent, however it stopped working consistently. It now only rarely works. RMC and Jaksta work 100% of the time, but aren't persistent. Is there a way to modify that in Jaksta or RMC? Would be a nice feature to have.

From my research into that page, the stream is terminated from the server side if you change the focus to another thumbnail - takes about 20 secs here after you change focus and the stream is terminated and the new models stream starts.   It makes sense that they have programmed it to do that as its a preview page. 

Hold the crtl key down and click the model so it opens a new tab and the stream will be picked up and be downloaded until the model stops streaming, you stop it in JMR/RMC or its otherwise interrupted.  

If the server cuts the stream there is nothing we can do about it and this explains why HiDownload is behaving the same way.  


Sorry - what I meant to say was HiDownload worked fine, but now it won't capture at all. It used to be persistent when it worked, now it doesn't work at all. Haven't been able to get any support from them so was hoping RMC or your software could do this. Maybe their software somehow keeps the stream open in the background?

Sites change all the time, so just because it used to work doesnt mean it will continue to if sites change how they are setup.  If the server shuts the streams there is nothing a client downloader like RMC/JMR or HiDownloader can do.  You will have to contact HiDownloader support to find out why their software has stopped working altogether.  With RMC/JMR you simply need to click the model to capture the main stream (instead of the preview).

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