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Jakasta for slingbox contect scrambled ?

Hi, I am evaluating Jaksta for slingbox before purchase

I have managed to connect Jaksta to my slingbox ProHD but when I record, the content appears scrambled and broken. (A bit like like a poor digital or SAT TV signal)

My source is a BT TV box and the slingbox playback is perfect - its just the recording that isn't.

Ive attached a copy of my recording and the log file

Any ideas ?


Try disabling the "enable" settings (which means the SlingBox will just send the quality it is comfortable with), or playing with the bitrate/frame rate/smoothing, on the Slingbox Settings > Recording Settings tab.



Thanks for the reply. Yes that got it working.

Is 320 x 256 the max resolution ? The drop down box in settings only seems to go that high.

I assume that the conversion settings simply "blow up" the original 320x256 file

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