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launch Jaksta and start recording without opening browser

Hello all, i am happy of this product as it works with no issue and very powerful where other software fails.

but i have one concern about it that might have a solution.

I would like to open jaksta and make it start downloading a given rmtp address. i can open jaksta from the 'terminal' with a command line, but need to attach a command to it that will open the stream in some way and start recording. 

It would be good also if once the record start, it can resume if the stream get stopped.

thanks for your feedback! :)

any help on this? is my issue clear? thanks!


Sorry for the delay!

I understand what you mean. Unfortunately we don't currently have a command line interface to do this, at least in the Mac version.

If I understand correctly, you want start with Jaksta not running, but to use a command line to start it up and make it download a certain video, and then close down again once it's finished? Is this correct? I'm guessing the purpose of this would be to automate downloads?

I can certainly put forward a suggestion for this or something similar.

If you're willing to leave Jaksta running, this can be done (sort of) by using AppleScript to open a URL in Safari instead (e.g. tell application "Safari" to open location "http://www.youtube.com/"). Although that still leaves it running when the video finishes. Not the best option I know.



Jaksta Support

thanks Ben. yes, the purpose is that i want to have some streams downloaded and sometimes i'm not in front of the PC. I have used rmtpdump, but it fail... Only jaksta can download the stream correctly. I will give a try, i didn't think of 'apple script'. the url is a rmtp address. For the command line, i didn't mean a command specific for jaksta, but a command that in the terminal can be attached to the 'open' app. i tryed open jaskta and open a url address, but with no success. It makes sense that Jaksta should run, and i will open that window. 

Will tell you what happen... :)

thanks again!

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