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JAKSTA MEDIA RECORDER 6 -LATEST VERSION(Downloading & Video Editing Issues)

 Hello Jaksta Support Forum,

Just downloaded Jaksta media recorder 6, and looks like a program with good potential, as with other similiar Downloaders/Converters , using these very same  output options (1920HD-H.264 MP4-10K MAX MBT-AUDIO 256KB 48K HZ) for all my downloads 7 conversion.

Would love to purchase and give all excellent on reviews for this program, but after going website & forum etc, I am trying to confirm the following issues and options first? Many Thanks  (I am using windows 7 pro 64 bit 6GB RAM)


**(1st Issue): When converting only 1 min of video, it takes Jaksta Media recorder 6 over 15  mins, very slow even if only program running on PC, is this the normal? (Other converters can convert in same settings in 30 secs or less, just curious why Jaksta so much slower)


**2) Since Jaksta Media recorder 6 is a bit pricier over other similair and free converters, unless I overlooked somewhere, trying to confirm if this Jaksta program can do any of the following Basic video options avail in similar converter software?

*** Trim online video before download  (or at least after download) for desired parts of video only?

***Video fade out? feature mainly at end of video downloads, so do not have to use an addtl editor program,to edit and re-encode just to fade out video at end, instead of all videos ending abrubtly, which looks terrible.
--***(Video sound effect to max or boost video sound without clipping or distorting or sound effect to max or boost video sound without clipping or distorting

JMR uses the excellent opensource ffmpeg to do conversions (as do all other products).  It does not sound right that it takes 15 mins to convert 1 minute of video.  Please post your debug log of this occurring following these instructions.  https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063

JMR does not contain video editing features.   It is purely for capturing video and music.  


    Ok I see, my bad, since Jaksta is a bit pricey, I Thought surely this was one of those all in one product video programs, so will most likely not work for me, as I need, and have been testing all in one programs that can (Download/convert/edit videos), since alot more convenient, than having to pay for and use a bunch of different video programs just to do these basic video options, plus with all the re-encoding, will be losing even more time and most importantly, losing video quality.

    Yes, I tested Jaksta on a few small, only 3-5 minute online medium quality videos, same h.264 mp4 settings profile as I use with all converters etc, and Jaksta each time was more than 5x's slower, than even some of the Free converters have tried, and Jaksta still was even a little less in video output resolution quality, than others.

So this payware program is just not for me.

Thanks and appreciate the quick reply at least.

Yes we just concentrate on capturing and try to be the best at that.  

When it comes to capturing you may not be comparing like for like as other apps (especially the free ones) do not support the range of protocols, sites and features for capturing that JMR does:

Internet Download - Auto detect, Drag&Drop, Scheduled

Internet Recording  - Auto detect, Drag&Drop, Scheduled

Audio Recording (Application, What You Hear, Device)  - both Auto detected, Scheduled

DVR -  Including Scheduled

Remember that not all sites are simple http downloads, so it really depends on what your trying to capture.

Like I said all converting programs use ffmpeg, so if it is taking 15mins for 1 minute of video then that is not typical and something is wrong on your machine.  Providing a log as requested could help us point out to you what that is so it can be fixed.  You can also download and use any version of ffmpeg you want to from https://ffmpeg.org/download.html not just the one we distribute with official releases.

Also please tell us the video and quality that you have downloaded and are converting so we can try it here with your conversion settings.


Yes, the conversion process is very slow.  Jaksta started a conversion of a 1-hour movie 3 hours ago, and it just hit 50% now.  So, that might be 6 hours for converting a 1-hour wmv to an mp4.  Yikes, that's slow.  And there's hardly anything else running on my PC right now. 

If I have 5-10 recordings completed in orig wmv, will Jaksta auto convert them all night long until they're all done---or do I have to intervene to get that done?

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