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I do not like, nor do I ever have success in finding an answer in a forum. please e-mail the answer to me.

• I have set Jaksta to convert my downloads into Quicktime .mov format. It blithley says, "Quicktime, here's your MP4 files, you can convert them yourself!!!!" Why bother giving me a choice if you have no intention of honoring that choice. If I put it on MP4, will it then record .mov files? How then? I realy do not want mp4's!

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Hi Steven,

Sorry for the long delay.

I see what you mean, this looks like an error in our conversion logic - WMV codecs should not be put inside a Quicktime Movie. I have put in a bug report about this.

In the meantime, are you able to send us a link to a video that caused this problem?

Did you have Quicktime or Default selected as the conversion target? Does trying other targets give you a file that you can play?

Are you able to play this file in the VLC Player, if you are willing to try this:




Jaksta Support

As you can see from the attachment no extension is shown adding .mov to the end didn't change anything. this was changed from .wmv into what was supposed to be .mov. Apparently  the conversion wasn't clean. soon afterwards "flip for mac" and now I have to pay a subscripition every month if I want to see my movies! 


Hi Steve,

Sorry for the long delay!

Are you able to play those files? Can you right click (or Control-click) on one of them and choose "Show in Finder". What is the full filename of the file? Does it end in .mov?

We have to work out the name of the video from the website. Sometimes the reported name of the video includes the original filename that was uploaded, so the title ends in ".mp4" even if it has actually been converted to a different format. I would have to see a screenshot showing more of the window to be sure.

If you are still sure it's not converting them, the next time this occurs, can you send us the log file? You can find it by going to the Preferences and clicking the Find Log File button.



Jaksta Support

Hello, anyone home?

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