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Problem recording Vimeo On Demand

Until recently I had no problems downloading Vimeo videos, but now when automatic detection is enabled, Vimeo downloads a whole bunch of small files (2-3 Mb in size) and does not download a complete file of the desired program.

I just tried again using the most recent program iteration and experienced the same problem.

Is there a fix for this issue? This is the link I am currently trying to download (I have purchased the content)


Yes Vimeo have changed their streaming method.  The new protocol has been implemented in our mac product and is currently being ported across to our windows products.  Probably released end of next week.

On our windows product most vimeo videos can still be downloaded using the page capture method - enter the url in the "Enter (or Drag and Drop) the URL of a video page to download" field.

For those that cant the DVR capture method can be used.

Thanks for the response. I haven't been able to use the page capture message as this only downloads the trailer. I somehow made this work for the first two episodes of a series but for the remaining episodes the page capture only got the trailer and nothing else.

The page method doesn't support the login requirements to access the page containing the video you have paid for.  It only sees the page as though your not logged in - hence the trailer in this instance is captured.

You will need to use the DVR capture method or wait until the new protocol is supported so AUTO mode can be used.

Tried again a few days ago - got the same results from Firefox. But I was able to download a single clip using IE.

Support for detecting and capturing the Vimeo Dash protocol when in Auto mode has been implemented and will be in next weeks release.  

During our testing JMR always detected and downloaded an mp4 file of the show that was a normal https download. The browser (in our case chrome) was requesting this as well as the video over the dash protocol.  Perhaps that explains why you can still capture in IE as it is requesting a normal https video download.

In any case support for their new protocol will be out next week.

Support for Vimeo dash protocol has been released in

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