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jaksta music miner won't record

please find attached log file- any help much appreciated! trying to use spotify 


hi anyone able to help please? or can anyone advise where i can get help?

Hi Ed,

Sorry about the problems with Spotify. We are still looking into a solution for this, it does not seem to be an easy problem to fix.

Are you only having issues with Spotify? In the meantime we do have a new beta version that has fixes for various other sites:




Jaksta Support

thanks so much for the update- i was just worried that the application had been abandoned! i can wait till the update gets spotify working again thanks please keep me updated! 

I am having the same problem recording from Sportily. Have you found an answer to this problem.

I forgot to mention that I am using Jaksta version 4.1.6


This certainly is still being worked on. We are not able to capture Spotify in the same way as other sites, so we are going to provide an alternative mechanism for recording problem sites like Spotify.



Jaksta Support

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I was wondering do you have any timeline on this? Its just in the UK spotify if the only real free site for using and I really miss my music updates!


While I am waiting for a fix, are there any other web sites that have as good a selection as Spotify from whjich Jaksta can capture music ?

Hi Richard,

Sorry for the long delay.

We are still working on support for Spotify, unfortunately I don't have a timeline at the moment! However we should be able to capture Pandora and Rhapsody.



Jaksta Support

Having same problem with Spotify Web player. I click PLAY on a title in the app. It downloads a file named  Spotify Web Player - <filename>.mp3 with no track information from a site called cloudfront.net to Music Miner.

This happens with any track I play. I am using Music Miner Version 1.3.9 (109) on a MAC, OSX version 10.11.5. The problem persists whether I use Safari or Chrome.

I appreciate that you may be working on a difficult problem but I echo others on this feed with concern that you provide no detail of the problem or time line for its resolution.

Hi Ray,

Sorry I can't really give an ETA at the moment, but we certainly are working on it. The solution we are working on involves recording audio directly instead of extracting it from intercepted network communication. In a sense, intercepting it between the browser and the speakers, instead of intercepting it between the internet and the browser. The Windows version already has a similar feature which already works with Spotify.



Jaksta Support

Thank you Ben. An intriguing solution. I will watch this space and meanwhile, check out the Windows version for a preview.

Hi Ben,

I have the windows version as mentioned in my earlier emails. How do you record from Spotify as you have just described to Ray? ( between the browser and the speakers)


It records in real time from the Windows Spotify app, instead of downloading from the web player.
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