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Distorted Video Quality

 Hi when I record chaturbate.com video it seems no matter what the quality of the performers video is, the recorded video gets very distorted at the slightest movement from the performer. It becomes heavily pixelated. If I pause the video and restart it the video will clear up for a second but then the quality declines again. It never did this until recently (the past few days)

I am on a win 7 64bit with all updates.. i9 720 with 24gb ram. I am on a 100mbs fiber optic hard wired connection (FIOS)

I get the same quality issues whether i use JMR 5 or JMR 6.

Please help

Records and plays back fine here.  Recording im gettings is and FLV H264 640x480/Speex.  Playback via VLC with no issues.

I have the exact same problem as the original poster .... has there been a solution for this?

This only started happening recently for me

Original post was from 10 months ago .... 

Im unaware of any chaturbate issues and testing here in auto mode records fine and plays back fine in VLC.

Which method are you using for capturing? 

I am using and have always used the "stream downloader" method... everything had worked fine for a couple  of years until a month or two ago.

Now, once it detects a stream it initiates between two to three or more downloads of the same stream, most of them last a second or two and the last one (the one where the video is distorted) when I follow it in the download area, the seconds of the recording do not match with the actual recording time .....  they jump ahead too fast  like the counter will start, 1,2,3 seconds and all of a sudden it will say 10 seconds, 15 seconds of recording when in reality, it's only been 6 seconds of recording time .... (not sure if I'm explaining that right?)

And like the original poster said, the distorion or pixelation happens as soon as the subject on screen begins to move.

maybe I can attach a small clip to see the distortion?

The original post is from 10 months ago.  That site has changed many times since then.

Using chrome and the latest VLC, I don't see distortion here at all.  All are perfect recordings.

With the extract method (entering the url into JMR), I get prompted with 3 different HLS streams


In AUTO capture method, I get an FLV 640x480 / SPEEX) detected.


All streams play back correctly in VLC.

Please provide debug for both methods using chrome so I can see what's happening on your machine.


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