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downt show the splash screen on startup

is there a way to disable the splash screen on startup ?

i what to start start ist without Message in try.

The splash screen displays that it is starting.

If you want it to go straight to the system tray on starting then set the following settings:

Settings > Personalization

1. Prompt to quit - off

2. Minimize to Windows System Tray - on

Now minimize and JMR will go to the system tray.  Right click the JMR icon in the system tray and select quit.

Now when JMR starts it will start minimized to the system tray.

i think you downt understand, sorry for my bad english.

i whant that jaksta downt display if i start it. it loade the app like al other app my pc starts on startup in the try without message without "splash" screen...

If you follow my instructions JMR wont display - it will go straight to the system tray.  It is not possible to get rid of the splash screen - that will always display.

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