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m2ts Files

I noticed in the tech support area that someone was having issues with jaksta not converting m2ts files to mp4 files earlier this year. I'm experiencing the same issue and wanted to see if there was a workaround or if perhaps I am doing something wrong.

I noticed that while Jaksta is downloading, there is a temp file in the download directory that is an mp4 file. But when jaksta finishes downloading, it turns into an m2ts file. I've attached the log file.

(7.68 MB)

H iJesse,

Can you send us a link to the video that is causing this problem? Does it require a login?

I can see it looks like the conversion is failing. First of all you can right click (or Control-click) the file in the list and choose Convert - does this work?

Are you able to check how large the .m2ts file you get is? Are you willing to try playing it in the free VLC Player? You can get it here:


Does it play? The temporary file was only renamed, not converted per se (so was probably not a real mp4 file).



Jaksta Support

Unfortunately it does require a log in.

I tried to right click/convert but it doesn't appear to do anything. I tried to play the m2ts files in several programs including VLC but they error every time.

Fortunately I was able to find a workaround. I extracted the stream URL and used it as a network stream in VLC and, using its stream save capabilities, was able to do so. It was time consuming but it did the trick.

It appears to be an encryption issue(At least thats my best guess) because only the recent video files are problematic. The older ones, Jaksta doesn't have any issues with.

Thanks a lot

Hi, Im also having the same issue listed here. 

in simpler terms:

- file gets detected>starts downloading>appears to be downloading an .mp4 file>ends up with .m2ts file, which in my case does not play. I have logged a ticket stating my issue along with the log file, i would have added the URL for that but its just going through the spam-check process. 

after reading the last reply by jesse, I looked up the internet to find out how I can spot a streaming video URL. I found that there are few softwares available for windows for that purpose but only a couple for Mac (like wireshark), and that too which requires a high level of 
networking literacy. 

I was wondering if there's any simpler way to find those streaming video URL's and if someone would be willing to share? 

I hate to write this in here as I'm a jaksta user since march-2014^



I'm using Jaksta on a Mac with Safari. When I play the video in safari I simply right click the video and select to download the video. The video doesn't download but it will download a playlist file that contains the streaming URL to the video file.

With that URL I simply went to VLC and opened a network stream with the selection to save it and adjusted a few settings and voila, a saved file of the video stream.

Worked for all the videos I needed. It's a much lengthier process than using Jaksta but as Jaksta wasn't working, this was.

HI Jesse/Akashdeep,

Well done Jesse on finding a workaround! I agree it would seem to be an encryption issue, or at least an encoding issue as I would be surprised if VLC network stream gets away with breaking encryption! I have been able to test it with a link Akashdeep provided, I can get an m2ts file but am unable to convert or view it with anything. We will need to look into this.



Jaksta Support

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