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Replay Media Catcher - Monitor function not working with certain sites


Replay Media Catcher doesn't seem to work with certain live streaming sites for me. I've reported this to one of your developer craig and he say he has no problem with most of them other than  http://www.quanmin.tv. So I guess its up to my software or settings. Could you help me to identify what went wrong, and probably how to fix it? If possible, please also try to update the software to support http://www.quanmin.tv.

The problematic sites are:




I've randomly chose one live stream url from each site and ran my testing. Logs are attached.



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You have posted to the Jaksta forums.  Replay Media Catcher is a white branded version of Jaksta Media Recorder supported by Applian (www.applian.com) and you should really get support over there.  Its normally a few versions behind JMR. 

But to save you the hassle ....

From my testing all of these can be captured in auto detection mode including quanmin.tv.

Your logs show your trying to monitor them.  None of them are supported by the monitor as they do not stream in a manner the monitor can detect the stream connection parameters.  The monitor only supports sites that can be detected and downloaded using the "Enter (or Drag and Drop) the URL of a video page to download" field.


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