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Optional rtmp flv fixing

Hey, Thanks for such an excellent product. I was wondering if it was possible to have a setting in the preference pane to disable the rtmp flv auto fix. I am currently stuck on an old beta (version 1.3.0). This was the last version that didn't do the auto fix. I understand the need for it to fix timestamps in most circumstances however the live streams that I capture all play back fine without it and they are often longer than an hour resulting in quite large files. With the later versions this means that it takes quite a while to "fix" the file and generating a duplicate and large .fix file for each of my large streams. A way to disable this would mean that I can make the most of the latest versions of the software. I noticed in the log a setting called autoFixRTMP already exists but is set to 1 and I couldn't find a way to change that. Many Thanks, Adam
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Hi Adam,

Sure, I will put forward your suggestion for an option in the Preferences - can you say what sites you are needing this for?

In the meantime, unfortunately it's messy to do it. You need to find this file:

(your home area)/Library/Preferences/com.shedworx.Jaksta.plist

The user Library folder will be hidden by default. To show the contents of it, click on the Go menu at the top of the screen and hold down the Alt key. Then select the Library item that appears. You should see a Finder window display the contents of the user Library folder.

If you can send us that file, I can modify it to enable that flag.



Jaksta Support

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