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108Stop Monitoring

Just updated to latest Jaksta Bundle.  On old version of Jaksta, you could start a download and then switch the monitor switch to OFF while you searched for other videos you wanted to record without them all starting to record when you were just browsing.  When you found one to record, you would just switch back to 

ON monitoring and record it.  This no longer works in the new version.  If you switch the monitoring button to OFF in the middle of a download, it says it will STOP recording.  Any way to fix this?

Thank you,

Bob Todrank

Hi Bob,

Sorry, Jaksta how now changed the way it works, it no longer continues to record videos in progress when you switch it off. This is not easy to change as it's part of a much larger shift in the way Jaksta works since old versions. In order to continue support for modern websites, Jaksta now uses a local proxy server to capture video, instead of directly snooping on network packets.

Switching Jaksta off disables the proxy server so we cannot continue recording existing downloads. I'm happy to pass on a suggestion for a separate "ignore new downloads" switch if you want, but this would need to be separate from the OFF switch (which has to REALLY turn it off).



Jaksta Support

Thank you Ben.  I understand.  The idea of adding a switch to simply "ignore new downloads" is a great idea if you can pass it along.

All the best,


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