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url not supported - follow up

 I have now tested quite a lot of periscope links - both stream and digital video recorder. It turns out that if the user and the video title do NOT include smileys or other symbols they will download. The problem is when the user and/or the video link include a smiley or other symbol it will not download the file. However a few times I have managed to download a file with a smiley... Hope you will look into this.


Actually there seems to be more problems than that. What is your experience with periscope. It is not listed under site specific. The free Firefox addon Downloadhelper is actually doing a much better job than your program - unless you have some changes in settings that will work?



Here is a log file with another live stream failed as mentioned earlier - with symbols/smileys in the title

As for replays I guess thats another question - they dont download at all!



Yes we are looking at it.  Thanks for reporting it.

And just to clear it all up:
- Most livestreams download if both title and username is in plain text
- No livestreams download if the title of the stream or the username is having emojis in the name
- No replays download at all
Do you have enough, or do you need any more logs?


all good thanks.

Have a try of, which has been updated to remove the emoji's which were stopping the url from being extracted when entering the url of the video page to download.

Due to the fact that the m3u8 file is cached by the browser, it is easier to enter the url than clearing your browser cache so it can be detected in auto mode.  Auto mode used to work btw - just need to bump the cache to clear the m3u8 file.

Thanks a lot, that seems to have made the trick


Hi again
there is one thing left though:
A periscope account consists of a username and a @name. When you download a stream it is downloading from https://www.periscope.tv/@name/stream
So the problem is that if the @name has an emoji it comes out with the same error as you fixed with the username and title.
Can you fix this too?


Can you provide an example url please.

Hi again,
Sorry about the delay. I now know the problem. Try this site where none of the files will download:
The broadcasters name is Дементр ! And this is always a problem with symbols/emojis in the name. Could you look at this?


 Correction: It is not always a problem with symbols/emojis but when the problem occur it is always with a username with symbols/emojis :-)

Try this one.  Made some further improvements to removing the emojis.


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