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M2TS Format??

Last night I was onto downloading few video files from these links (URL's): 



and the end product I get is a file with an (.m2ts) format. Before that moment I had never heard of such a format, and worst part is that It's unplayable in VLC or Quicktime. I even downloaded a video player known as 5Kplayer from this website (
http://www.5kplayer.com), and it didn't even work in that. 

My concern here is that:

1st, why am i not able to download that file in any other format? Rephrased- why is not being converted in any other format (
like Mp4, or FLV) after download completion?

2nd, since the downloaded (.m2ts) file is not playable, does it mean that Im not able to download the video file at all from the streaming web-location? if yes then, what can be done of this?

I found a similar type of problem in the following thread as well, but no solution. 


as stated in the above, that the downloaded file first appears as an (.mp4) file while the time of downloading, but as soon as it finishes, it turns into an (.m2ts) file. 

Jaksta for me has always been one super solution for saving all fav webbed content, but this is quite disappointing. hope I soon find a solution for this. 

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*since march 2014*

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Hi Akashdeep,

What size are these .m2ts files?

If you right click (or Control-click) on the file in the list and choose Convert, what happens? Does it convert?

What about if you change the conversion selector at the bottom from Default to another setting such as Quicktime?

Are you willing to download the free VLC player (which can play m2ts) to check if the file itself is okay?




Jaksta Support

Hi Akashdeep,

I've been testing those links, I've also replied in the other thread you mentioned. It looks like it is not a normal m2ts file but has some unusual encoding/encryption. We will need to look into this, in the meantime the creator of the other thread has found a possible workaround.



Jaksta Support

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