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"DISCARDING" Wolfgang's Vault

Jaksta Media Recorder indicates briefly that it's sending concert file to iTunes (streaming from Wolfgang's Vault), and then a message appears saying "DISCARDING."

It has been sometime since I've visited WOLFGANG's VAULT, but heretofore I had never encountered a problem streaming music therefrom to Jacksta Music Miner, until yesterday. Leading me to believe that I needed to update Jacksta, I paid for the Jaksta Deluxe Bundle upgrade, and I still cannot get it to work with Wolfgang's Vault.

As noted earlier, Jaksta Music Miner from the "Deluxe Bundle" crashes immediately upon opening-- the preceding comments apply to the Jaksta Media Recorder, which for the record (no pun intended) captured 1 stream (an Eric Clapton concert in 1978) from Wolfgang's Vault and sent it to iTunes... since then, all attempts at capturing anything else, results in "DISCARDING."

I'm ready to request a refund of the "Deluxe Bundle" outlay, if this problem cannot be resolved in short order.

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Hi Geordie,

First, your old key is valid for the latest version as it's a free upgrade, so I can offer you a refund anyway. Unless you would like to keep the extra licences of the Deluxe bundle or would like to just keep Jaksta Music Miner (assuming we can get it working for you). Let us know what you want to do.

Secondly, how long are the videos you are trying to download from Wolfgang's Vault? If you go to the Downloads tab in the Preferences, you can set the Minimum Duration. Jaksta will discard any videos that are shorter than this length. This is intended mainly as a mechanism to filter out advertisements.

If lowering the duration still does not help can you post links to a couple of videos on Wolfgang's Vault which cause this problem?



Jaksta Support

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