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Need Download Link to Jaksta 4 because of severe problems with versions 5 and 6 under Windows 10



since about 1 year and after switching to Windows 10 I have severe trouble to get Jaksta 6 running. Even Jaksta 5 does not work - either on my nor on my wife's PC. Could you please send me a correct, proper and virus free link to download Jaksta 4 or could you send me the file? - because that was the last version that was properly running on both of our PC's. Thanks a lot.

Kind regards


Last Jaksta 4 release was on 3rd Oct 2012.


Whilst fantastic in its day, there is very little chance this will work for most sites any more.

Sites change constantly - that is why we release so regularly and the extraction engine is automatically updated pretty much weekly.

If you let me know what the issues are that you are experiencing im sure we can get to the bottom of it and get you up and running on 6 which works really well on windows 10.

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Thanks for quick response. In the meantime I succeeded to install and run Jaksta 6 for the very first time. Manually copy and paste works fine except some streams that do not download like http://www.rbb-online.de/abendschau/serien/gleich-nebenan/wittig-fahrrad-nebenan.html
A pity that sometimes only .mp4 works with file size 7,55 GB!!! instead of .flv which is much smaller size. What can I do? As soon as I click the "AUTO" button top left Jaksta get stucked with a small blue ring rolling for hours and you then can not close Jaksta anymore. Only a restart of the PC helps. Hope you can help.


We arnt responsible for the protocols and formats that a site streams in and extraction mode (copy and paste) will only work with certain sites due to the way sites stream, that is why we provide AUTO mode, Audio Recording and DVR capture modes as well. Behind the scenes they all function very differently to handle capturing these different streaming methods.  An flv file wont necessarily be of a smaller size btw.  JMR has a built in converter that is fully configurable so you can convert any captured file if you so wish.

If JMR is hanging when trying to start AUTO mode, then we need to get to the bottom of that.  Are you using Winpcap Monitor or the Network Monitor?  Try changing to the other one.   Try a reboot.

If that doesnt work please provide debug log files, follow this:  https://support.jaksta.com/discussions/topics/6000009063, As its hanging you will most likely need to go to C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Temp\Jaksta and zip up the files from there.

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Thanks a lot. Great - this seems to be the right path of solving my specific problem. I used Winpcap Monitor. I deleted it and now for the very first time I can click on the toolbar left (Guides - Schedule - Monitor - etc.). When I now click on "AUTO" I get an error message (see attached file). What specific Network Monitor do you recommend? There are plenty of them in the web, such as Microsoft Network Monitor or PRTG Network Monitor or Total Network Monitor or Real Network Monitor and even more. Thanks for your perfect and straight forward support so far.


Where you using the winpcap version that we distribute with JMR?  That is very stable and shouldnt be causing you any issues, but perhaps there is some clash between winpcap and other software on your machine.

Some solutions which might work for you:  https://support.jaksta.com/solution/articles/6000074225-auto-detection-doesnt-work-anymore-after-windows-10-upgrade-

Thanks a lot. I deleted Winpcap Monitor and after reboot I installed Jaksta Network Monitor. Now JMR does what it's supposed to do - even the AUTO detection function works. This is a really brilliant support! Thumbs up!!!! You can now close this thread.


Thanks for letting us know!

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