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jmrp.exe hangs on exit

I'm running Jaksta Media Recorder using Network Monitor.  I've found if you exit while Auto capture is enabled, the GUI closes, but jmrp.exe continues to run.  The only way to kill it at that point is to go to task manager and end the process.  However if I turn off Auto capture first, and then exit, jmrp.exe terminates on it's own as it should.

Please do the following:

1.  Start JMR and enable debug mode: Get Support > Switch Debug Mode on.

2.  Start Auto mode monitoring and capture something small.

3.  Shutdown JMR. 


C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Local\Temp\Jaksta

And zip up and attached the debug log files.

Logs attached.

(38.9 KB)

Thanks. Your logs say the program exited?  Was it still running?

Like I said in the original post, the GUI goes away and it looks like the program closed.  But if you have task manager open, you see jmrp.exe stays running.  If you open Jaksta Media Recorder again, you then have two jmrp.exe processes running.  I just installed and the problem still exists there.

Note that jmrp.exe only stays running if you try to close it while Auto capture is enabled.  If Auto capture is disabled, jmrp.exe ends when you exit the program.

Thanks for reporting the issue. I have been able to replicate with the network monitor and it has been fixed in the soon to be release

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