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Songs are downloading, but restarting half way through the song..

All songs are downloading with no problem or hesitation. HOWEVER, once I play the newly downloaded song, the downloading process has added an additional 30-45 seconds by restarting the song midway through. Why is this and how can I prevent this from happening?



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Hi Jessica,

Can you say what site you are downloading from, where you are seeing this problem? If possible can you send us a link or two to some songs which have caused this problem for you?

Also the next time this occurs, can you send the log file to us? You can find it by going to File|Reveal Log File... in the menu.

This is probably occurring due to technical issues with assembling the original video from the bits and pieces that Jaksta sees (this often happens if the site is designed to trick apps like Jaksta).



Jaksta Support

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