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I really like your feature with monitoring sites and download new streams. However when you monitor a Periscope site Jaksta keeps downloading streams already there over and over again. It counts for all broadcasters but just as an example you can check here:


Of course the purpose of monitoring a site is to have Jaksta downloading new streams coming up - not to download existing streams over and over again :-)

Could you look at this?


Forget to say that it also happens in auto mode. Instead of the first example this might be a better test link:


When your in auto detection mode, JMR will detect what ever you are streaming.  If that is a live stream then that is what will be downloaded.  If its ondemand then that will be downloaded.

Periscope pages such as those above have multiple videos embedded in them and the extractor - Enter (or Drag and Drop) the URL of a video page to download - will detect and download anything it finds on a page.  That is what it is intended to do.

The monitor uses the extractor, and has been designed for webcam sites that have one live stream on a page or nothing when no broadcast is happening.  Because Periscope has these ondemand videos from past broadcasts when no live broadcast is streaming, they are being picked up and downloaded.   Will see if there is something we can do so that monitor will only download these streams if they are live.  


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