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Jaksta Media Recorder

Have been looking at the above recorder. Am looking for a recorder so I can record on my pc (Filmon for example), download the programme I want to watch, then put it on a USB stick (after converting to a usable format if need be) en then plug into my tv. Can your Media Recorder do this? And am I right in assuming the only costs involved are the purchase costs? Thank you.....

JMR can capture pretty much anything.  Depending on what you want to capture will depend which capture methods you will use.  

1.  Internet Download 

a. Extraction -  Enter or Drag and Drop the url of a video page to download.  If the site is supported it will result in a direct download of the video(s).  Depending on the site you will be prompted for quality/format that is available or you can configure it to select defaults. 

b. Auto mode - Monitors your network for media streams and when detected automatically downloads (or records depending on protocol) the stream.

2. Audio Recording

a. Application - Records audio being played by an application before it hits the speakers.

b. Stereo Mix (What you hear) - Records audio being played by your speakers

c. Device - Records audio being played by a device

3. DVR - Records video directly from a video player in the background.  This can capture pretty much any video.

The built in converter will convert anything you download to pretty much anything else. There are over 100 presets but its completely configurable and wraps ffmpeg.

The license cost is once off. We do not charge for upgrades, including major.

The download is free to trial and you can get it from here: https://www.jaksta.com/download/windows/jaksta-media-recorder

The Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows trial allows:

Download 100% of any YouTube video, including full Playlists and Channel downloads

Download up to 50% of any on-demand audio or video clip

Download up to one minute of any live stream

Audio record up to one minute

Digital Video record up to one minute


Thank you for your reply. Over the weekend I will download the trial and have a go....

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