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error downloading view and abs on demand


I have sought password resetting and it is not happening so I am here to ask the problem I am encountering failure/error in downloading from either view or SBS on demand.  This is recent.

Youtube are recording.  It used to be that view always worked and abs sometimes but music vids didn't.  Now you tubes including music vids work but view immediately goes to "Error (Error Downloadi...

no other info is given, status field can't be expanded hence as I see it is as I have quoted.

Flash is up to date

Running Yosemite, won't go to elcapitan

ran before, only change from iinet to telstra wireless NBN 

can you suggest anything (Jaksta up to date also


Busselton WA

just to remove confusion, iview, (not view) and abs on demand


jolly spell check!! SBS

Hi Kurt,

Are you able to send us your log file after attempting to view a video or two from SBS on demand? You can find it by going to the Preferences and clicking Find Log File.

Also are you able to send us links to a couple of videos that exhibit this problem?



Jaksta Support

I'm having exactly the same problem. Started a few days ago -SBS  on Demand and iView.Cannot attach log file as it is too big.Do I clear it?

Hi Robert,

Yes, you can just drag the log file into the trash, then when you restart Jaksta it will recreate a fresh log file. This is probably the easiest way.

Also are you able to provide a link to a video that Jaksta was not able to capture?



Jaksta Support

Cannot find a link. Where do I look for it?

Hey I am having the same problem with iview, I have used JAksta for years and never had any issues downloading from iView but they have changed something and now Jaksta is unable to download the files.  

Any of the video on iview is giving the same error

iView streams have recently had Akamai Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied to them and they can not legally be decrypted. 

For the time being you have the following options.

1.  Use Jaksta Screen Recorder on your mac

2.  Use something like http://www.parallels.com/  to run windows on your Mac and use Jaksta Media Recorder for Windows which can still capture iView using the extraction capture method.


Not good enough.

iView,SBS on demand,not working.Have updated to latest version (1.5). Currently running Mac OS Sierra (But it had stopped working in the previous OS)

Hi Robert,

Unfortunately this situation has occurred because ABC iView and SBS on Demand have changed they way their own site streams video. They are now using their own DRM encryption, it is illegal for us to sell an app which will break this encryption.

The only option is to capture it from the screen/window after the browser has legally decrypted it, either using Jaksta Screen Recorder or using the Windows version of Jaksta.



Jaksta Support

How about a refund?

Every Jaksta product comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Contact Licensing Support with your request.

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