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the type intitialize for "q" threw an exception

I am trying to schedule a recording on Jaksta (I used the search function to find the station) but get the error "the type intitialize for "q" threw an exception". Can you please advise how I can fix this?

Can you please provide your log files.

Follow these steps:




Please perform the action causing the exception to be thrown (step 3) when debug is on.  Otherwise nothing is in the logs for me to see.

I did - here's another one. Once the scheduled record time is reached, a multitude of alerts come up (none of which can be read, the box is blacked out) and windows offers the prompt "jaksta has stopped responding"


Thanks for the new logs which show the error.  

Please download and install http://downloads.jaksta.com/release/jak6/JR6/ which should fix this for you.

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